Summary: In the summer before basic training, Riley has an encounter with a law student.
Date: March 22, 2001
Notes: Thank you to Joey for the quick beta
* This is all for Criss, her fault, I swear 


Riley was fidgeting.  He knew it, but couldn't stop himself.  His hands had to keep moving... pick at the seam on his jeans, smooth over the bed cover, rub the end of his nose, back to his jeans...  His eyes were wandering too, randomly flicking over everything in the cramped, but clean motel room.  Well, almost everything.  They still had yet to rest for even a second on the man leaning against the door.  And Riley knew he was leaning against the door, even without visual confirmation because that’s what he was supposed to do.  Just like Riley’s role in the scenario was to nervously perch on the edge of the bed like the anxious virgin that he was, ‘Call-me-Linn’s part was to effectively block the only exit, and wear an expression that perfectly blended equal parts contempt and amusement.  Riley knew that expression was there, even if he hadn’t really looked at Linn’s face since they left the diner together...

The diner.  Now, Riley knew he really should never have gone anywhere without his friends, two pink-necked good ole boys in training.  The three of them had been planning this trip since forever, or at least fifth grade.  They had set off three days after graduation armed with freshly inked high school diplomas and the standard eighteen-year-olds outlook on the world.

They had all heard the stories from Riley’s father about the hazy, long haired, VW bus years when he’d tripped around the southwest.  Riley still had more than a bit of trouble correlating those tales with the man who made him say his prayers and brush his teeth.  But, when questioned about the inconsistencies, the elder Finn had simply shrugged and said something about youthful indiscretions.  Riley liked that phrase.

He had long ago decided that he wanted to have some indiscretions as well.  Fantasized about them.  Ached for them.  Wondered what certain people's indiscretions would taste like.

But, you couldn't have indiscretions in Iowa, and Riley was working within a limited amount of time.  Looming in the future was basic training, and after that, the rest of his life.  Any sinning he was going to do would have to be taken care of this summer.

He had been good for about a week and a half.   A week and a half of homestyle diners, roadside attractions, and cheap motel rooms.  A week and a half.  To say it had started to grate would be an understatement.  He needed a release, needed to expel the electricity that seemed to buzz through his veins.  This was a familiar itch, one that his own hand had sated many times, but to just bring himself off again would be a waste of a prime opportunity.  Riley rarely wasted opportunities.

So, when, for the second night in a row, all his friends wanted to do was partake of some of the motel’s free cable, Riley had begged off, saying he was just going to go out by himself for a little while.  It had taken a moment for the other boys to catch on to what Riley was really saying.  Then, there had been much elbowing and greatly exaggerated winking.  Riley had winced as he scooted out the door, ignoring the requests for ‘full details later’.  He honestly doubted his friends were going to want to know about what he did... or, at least what he was going to try to do.

How did one go about doing that, anyway?

Riley knew that there were special... places for that sort of thing, but the middle of New Mexico certainly didn’t seem like the setting for one.  Of course, there were always regular bars and clubs, and Riley knew there had to be at least a few in the city they had passed through before roosting in their current location.  But, once again, there was the problem of actually finding one.  And, to be more specific, finding one that would let Riley in.  He had no illusions that, regardless of how tall he was, or how much weight he pumped, he still, more often then not, reminded people of a younger brother.

After roughly two hours of fruitless searching and indecision, Riley’s stomach got the better of him.  He needed food, and ever mindful of his steadily dwindling cash supplies, he settled for the most inexpensive place he could find.  It was on the outskirts of the city, and a bit run down, but it was clean, and the lovely smell of grease greeted him as soon as he opened the door.

There were only a scattering of people in the restaurant, so Riley decided to claim a booth.  He glanced over a menu and a surprisingly efficient waitress took his order, promising ‘It’ll just be a few minutes’, and calling him ‘Hon’.

When she came back to drop off his soda he asked her how long it would take to reach Santa Fe, the only other city he could name in the state.  The answer was about an hour to an hour and a half, and then she sped away again, off to refill coffee cups, or sugar dispensers, or something.

Riley looked at his watch.  The night was still... relatively young.  And, it was only an extra hour.  He had traveled farther then that to play in high school football games.  Or, he could  just head back to his motel.

Riley seriously weighed both options, but before he could decide either way, someone slid into the seat across from him.  Startled, he found himself suddenly staring into the clearest blue eyes he had ever seen.  He had never understood that kind of description before, how could something blue also be clear?  But, he was getting it now.

Blue, blue eyes.  With this dark rim around... the colored part.  The iris, that’s it.  With this dark rim around the iris.  Riley let his eyes take in more.  The thick dark lashes, and longish brown hair, the soft looking, full lips.  The face that was almost as smooth as his own, yet, somehow, obviously older, like this man had seen more then Riley could even imagine.  And, all of it was just a formica topped table away.

“Hey.”  The man said, his lips curling up into a smile, a slow drawl clearly evident even in that one word.

Riley felt his heart give a few extra thumps just in case his brain and his groin weren’t getting it yet.  He tried to swallow before he realized his mouth had gone completely dry.  He managed to croak out a reply, then reached for his soda.

The man watched all this, the smile never leaving his mouth.  In fact, if anything, it got more pronounced.  “You looking for something?”

Riley blinked.  “Looking for what?”

That smile faltered as those still blue, blue eyes narrowed.  Riley could feel himself being inspected.

The man leaned forward, his voice dropping a bit.  “Look, if I’m getting the wrong impression here, then I’m sorry, and you just tell me to fuck off, okay?”  He licked his lips.  “But, I thought... you look a little hungry, and I don’t mean for the slop they serve in this place.  See, I recognize that look,”  The smile returned,  “And, the fact of the matter is, I’m feeling a bit... peckish myself, so I was wondering if you’d like to... go someplace?”  The man finished the statement by rubbing his leg against Riley’s under the table, undeniably clearing up any vagueness.

Riley couldn't move, could barely breathe, as he felt that solid friction against his calf.  The whole situation was so surreal, so fantastic.  This beautiful, and there really was no other word for him, man had just propositioned him.  Him.  “Um.”  This was what he wanted, what he was looking for.  “Okay.  I, uh, mean, yeah.  We can go someplace.  My name’s Riley, by the way.”  He wasn’t sure why it was so important this other person knew his name.  It probably went against some sort of one night stand rule, or something.  But there it was, out in the open.

There was a brief hesitation, then that smile again.  “You can call me Linn.”  He jerked his head towards the door.  “Come on, let’s go.”

“But, I’ve ordered.”  Riley winced as the words came out of his mouth.  If there was any time to *not* sound like a stupid eighteen-year-old...  “Not that that’s really *that* important.  I mean... uh...”

Linn got this strange expression on his face.  Those eyes were suddenly shrewd again, and pinned the teenager to his seat.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out a bill, slightly rumpled, but enough to pay for any item in the place.  He placed the money on the table.  “I *said*, let’s go.”

Riley felt that voice run down from his ears, through his veins, to the pit of his stomach where it took up residence and began to tingle.  He nodded.


And, so, there they were, in a nameless motel somewhere west of Albuquerque.  And, Riley almost had to snicker at that, though the mirth faded when the nowness of the situation pressed in again and he realized that that was not the right time, nor place for musing on the directional foibles of cartoon rabbits.  Because thinking of Bugs Bunny and the mythical left turn would only send him straight back to his living room, and the television there, and the hours he spent parked in front of it every Saturday morning.  Which, then, would most likely lead into thinking about his mother, and father, and big, yellow Labrador, and chores, and responsibilities, and other things that had absolutely no place in a motel room just to the west of Albuquerque.

He cleared his throat and felt even more like an idiot.  He wanted to leave.  He wanted to stay.  He wanted to find the nearest church.  He wanted to feel Linn’s hands on his body.  He wanted-

“I don’t mean to rush you, but, statistically speaking, as an average, white, American male, I’ve only got about fifty some years left so...”

Riley finally looked at Linn, hoping, that in the bad light, the blush moving up his face wasn’t that noticeable.  “Sorry.  Sorry.”  He ran a hand through his hair.  “It’s just... I’ve never done this before.”

“Really?  I would never have guessed that.”

The teenager blushed some more.

Linn sighed.  It was his own fault, he supposed, for going with someone so obviously innocent.  But the boy had such a nice face, and what was sure to be an even nicer body under a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt.  How could Lindsey resist the chance to debauch such a pretty, young package?  “Look, you wanted to be here.  If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have agreed to come with me.  But, now that you are here, everything’s just gotten a little bit too real for you, hasn’t it?  And, now you’re wondering how you can get yourself out of this situation before you do something you’ll regret.”  Lindsey raised an eyebrow.  “Am I close?  Tell me I’m close.”

Riley snorted, and finally rose from the bed.  He wiped his hands on his jeans, trying to get rid of the clamminess on his palms.  “I’m not trying to get out of anything.  I still want to be here.”

“Then, for Chrissakes, act like it!”

“I... I don’t know what to do.”  Riley flinched as that came out.  He hadn’t meant to put it that bluntly, that truthfully.  It just sounded so unforgivably lame.

Lindsey lightly thumped his head against the door a few times.  That was it.  No more virgins.  “You do what feels right, Riley.  There aren’t any how-to booklets. Well, actually, there are, but...”  Lindsey shook his head, and then, in one fluid motion, his shirt was up, and over, and off.

Any lingering thoughts Riley did have of leaving immediately dissipated.  Yes, this was real.  And, if he backed out now, he would be the worst kind of fool.  So, he just stood there and drank in the sight before him.  Linn’s bare chest was all lean lines and fluid muscles, and perfectly masculine, and coming towards him, along with the rest of the older man.

Lindsey stopped less then a foot from the teenager, and craned his neck to look up into Riley’s face.  “Well, what feels right?”

Riley didn’t even realize when his arm started to move, but it did register when his palm pressed against Linn’s chest.  The skin there was smooth and incredibly warm.  “You do.”  He answered.  And, as he felt the quickening beat of Linn’s heart, his own body temperature began to rise.

“Would you like to feel more of me?”  Lindsey put his hand over Riley’s and slowly began to move it down his torso.
Riley swallowed as he felt his palm drag across a hardened nipple.  He jerked away and took a few steps back, and paused for the longest moment in his life.  Then, he pulled his shirt over his head.

Lindsey only had a few seconds to take in the sight of all that lovely, muscular flesh before Riley was right there, his large hands on Lindsey’s shoulders, pulling him close, tight against the body he had just been admiring.  Then, one of those hands moved to his hair, tangling in it, pulling his head back, so the taller man had a better angle when he leaned down for a kiss.  Riley’s mouth descended with little finesse, but great force, pressing hard against Linn.

The older man didn’t like this development.  There wasn’t supposed to be any kissing, and he briefly thought about struggling, trying to get away from the kind of contact that’s always been too close for any kind of comfort.  But, any adverse movements on his part might startle the boy, and besides, the kiss wasn’t what he expected.  Yes, it was harsh and unrefined, but there was such a raw passion, such a total, complete *need* in that simple act that Lindsey felt himself slipping down into it.  He pushed into the touch, his tongue sliding into the teenager’s welcoming mouth.

Riley tightened his hold on the smaller man, as his brain processed the feel of that velvety tongue in his mouth.  In his mouth.  Part of another man was *in* his mouth.  He unconsciously rocked his hips forward, connecting hard with Linn’s lower body.  The kiss was suddenly broken, and Riley was shoved, hard.  There was a split second of hurt confusion on the teenager’s face before his backside bounced onto the bed.

Linn was the perfect picture of rural decadence as he stood over the prone teenager.  His hair was mussed, his already full mouth dark and swollen.  An all over flush seemed to permeate his body, from his cheeks to the top of his faded, well worn dungarees.  His eyes were no longer that clear, clear blue, but dark and slightly wild, and very firmly fixed on Riley’s crotch.

With a fortifying breath, Riley’s fingers undid the button on his jeans and slowly pulled down the zipper, constantly aware of the weight of those midnight eyes.  White cotton briefs showed through the parting of denim, and under them the visible outline of Riley’s cock, already hard and waiting.

Lindsey licked his lips and moved forward, taking hold of the waistband of Riley’s jeans, and after the teen obligingly lifted his hips, yanked the material down those long legs.  The briefs went too, leaving the boy naked on the bed, and determined to refrain from trying to cover himself even as Linn’s eyes raked over his exposed flesh.

Evidently he passed inspection because the older man smirked and unfastened his own jeans.  And, Riley actually gulped as he realized that there was nothing under them, just Linn’s skin, and dark, curly hair, and his cock, carefully released and already straining.

Riley’s stomach muscles contracted as he slowly sat up, moving ever closer to his first indiscretion.  He knew the basics, everyone knew the basics, but this was definitely different from being on the receiving end.  His fingertips hesitantly brushed against the length in front of him, his touch more teasing than he intended.  It was hot and hard, and... different from his own, because it wasn’t his own.  His hand was wrapping around another man’s *penis*.  Riley got a sudden head rush, another, stronger dose of ‘this isn’t a fantasy, this is real’.  Really real.  And, then, he opened his mouth.

The various looks that passed over the younger man’s face were not lost on Lindsey.  He felt a warm, moist heat surround the head of his cock, and was glad that, on this front at least, the boy seemed to be decisive.  Tentative sucking then followed, stopping occasionally for a swipe from a gentle tongue.  Lindsey sighed at the performance.  It was almost... sweet.  He let one of his hands drift to Riley’s head, threading into the soft, strawberry blonde strands.  The teen let out a happy little sound at the contact, but changed his opinion when the grip tightened.  Lindsey slowly began to pump in and out of that young mouth, ignoring the grunt of protest when he went too far into the previously virgin throat.  Then he abruptly pulled out.  He panted harshly for a few seconds until, as always, he regained control.

Riley’s eyes were wide.  “What’s, what’s wrong?”  His jaw ached, but his pride hurt more.

“That's not how I want to come tonight.”

Just the sound of Linn’s low, roughened voice, let alone the actual words that were spoken, was enough to send a chill up and down Riley’s spine, who responded the only way he could.  “Okay.”

Lindsey moved away from the bed, his jeans hanging off his hips, cock still out and slick with Riley’s saliva.  He felt eyes track him across the room as he strode over to the closet and the bags that were sitting beside it.  He started looking through one, and said,  “Lie back.”

Riley obeys without thinking, scooting up further on the bed, then laying back.  His body starts to tense up again.  He has an idea of what’s going to happen, but it’s too vague to be reassuring.  He tries to relax, instinctively knowing that tight muscles aren’t going to make anything easier.

Lindsey stopped rummaging, and returned to the bed.  Something was placed on the cover, but out of Riley’s line of sight, and there was a twinge of apprehension on the boy’s part.  But, if Lindsey noticed the rise of tension in the room he didn’t acknowledge it.  Instead, he sat down and wrests off his banged up cowboy boots, then slid the rest of the way out of his jeans.

He turned to look at Riley, and had to smirk at the closed eyes and general body language.  For a moment, he considered playing a bit with the boy, but dismissed it.  For all his cocksucking bravado, Riley was still skittish, and now would be the time when he decided to get scared.

Lindsey reached out and stroked the teen’s cheek, while his other hand retrieved the items from the top of the bed.   “Riley.”

His eyes opened at the sound of his name, taking in Linn’s body.  The apprehension in his own frame disappeared instantly, replaced with an overwhelming urge to touch those lean, toned muscles.  But, his hand was suddenly occupied with something else.  Riley looked down, seeing the small packet.

“Put it on.”  Linn said, his voice somehow getting even huskier then it was before.

Riley wordlessly complied with yet another order, tore open the foil packet.  Lindsey watched him roll the condom down, then opened the bottle he was still holding and poured some of the contents onto his fingers.

Riley’s jaw dropped a little as he watched Linn prepare himself.  He wanted to get a better angle, get a better visual of those thick fingers disappearing *inside* that body.  Then, a little voice in his head reasonably told him that that was what his cock was going to be doing in a minute.  He almost groaned at the thought alone.
Lindsey bit his lower lip as he worked his fingers in and out, loosening the muscle, spreading the lube inside.  His eyes were hooded as he handed the bottle to Riley, who didn’t even need instructions this time.  The teenager immediately and thoroughly coated his erection with the slick substance.  Lindsey nodded appreciatively at the amount used.

He removed his fingers and absently wiped them on the bedspread, before moving onto Riley’s ready body.  Lindsey eased himself down, wincing a bit at the initial entry, but quickly relaxing and adjusting for the boy’s size.  He kept going until he was full, and a moment was taken to simply enjoy the feeling.  Then, he began to move.

Riley knew he was going to have to retool all of his fantasies, because nothing in his imagination had ever prepared him for this.  Even through the layer of latex the sensations were still almost unbearably good.  Linn was so tight, and hot, and just... perfect.  So, so perfect.  Riley’s fingers dug into the covers, and he gritted his teeth as the pleasure assaulted him, reaching down to his toes and up to his ears and basically every single molecule of his body was caught up in the solid rhythm the older man had created.

Deep, primal grunts filled the room as the coupling became more intense.

Then, Linn’s voice cut through the sounds.  “Touch me, Riley.”

The teen managed to nod through the pleasure haze as his hand once again wrapped around the older man’s cock.  Stroking, trying to match the rhythm of Linn’s hips and just falling into it.  So natural, so easy.

Lindsey could feel the heat coiling low in his belly, knew he was close.  So close.  He could feel it, sense it.  Knew it was coming.  He was coming.  Right there.  Right there.  Right there.  And, then... Yes!  He threw his head back as his mouth fell open with a silent scream.  Muscles tensed and warm liquid gushed onto Riley’s stomach.

Riley barely registered Linn’s orgasm as his entire being was completely focused on his cock and the way Linn’s ass was squeezing it tight, tight, *tight*.  All it took was that final bit of sensation to push the teenager over his edge.  His back arched, muscles straining, as his balls spasmed their release into the latex barrier.

After a few blissful moments of basking in the aftershocks of a good fuck, Lindsey carefully disengaged himself from the younger man.  Taking the initiative to start with the cleanup he gently removed the used condom, depositing it into the trash can in the bathroom.  When he returned to the bed, and a slowly blinking Riley, he was carrying a wet towel.

“Here.”  He said, handing it to Riley.

“Thanks.”  The teen said as he wiped the milky fluid off his abdomen.  His heart was still thudding, his breath still occasionally coming in a quick gasp, but he gathered himself enough to sit up.  “So...”  He had never been more unsure of anything in his life, then of how to finish that sentence.

Lindsey thought for a moment, wondering the best way to deal with this.  “You can stay the night... if you want.”

Riley knew it was a perfunctory offer and he responded accordingly.  “Nah.  I need to get back.”  Finally trusting himself to stand he began to gather his clothes.

Lindsey nodded, glad that his suggestion had been correctly interpreted.  He unabashedly watched the boy dress.

When Riley was finished he started to leave, but stopped just shy of the door.  “Well, it was... uh...”

This time Lindsey was the one who initiated the kiss, pressing his lips to Riley's, even as his hand turned the doorknob.

They broke apart.  Riley saw the open door, and gave Linn a wry smile, then walked, alone, out into the sticky, southwestern night.


The End