Zombie Lambs and Chocolate Bunnies
Summary: Angel, Spike, and Xander go shopping, silly Easter themed fluff.


Anyone even remotely familiar with the reputation of William the Bloody would have been truly horrified at his current setting. The vampire now known as Spike was happily pushing a cart down the center aisle of a Walmart, a spring in his step and a song on his undead lips.

“Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail, do do do do do do do do doooooo. . .”

Angel and Xander cringed from their position a few paces behind their bleached companion.

“You’re his Sire, make him stop.” Xander turned the full power of his puppy eyes at the older vampire.

Angel snorted. “Oh yeah, I’m sure he’ll listen to me. Just be thankful he stopped whistling.”

“Will you two gits keep it down? I’m trying to shop here.” Spike scowled at them. “And Xander, show a little gratitude, this is for you, after all.”

The boy sighed and attempted to look properly contrite. “I appreciate it, really, but you don’t have to go to so much trouble, especially on my account.”

Spike’s scowl deepened. “Don’t even think about starting in with that ‘I’m not worthy of attention, love, or basic respect’ spiel again. You deserve a nice holiday and the Poof and I are going to make sure you get it.”

Xander smiled in spite of himself. He had been more then a bit apprehensive since Spike had gotten it into his head to give Xander the kind of modern Easter celebration he had missed out on as a kid. The sentiment was sweet, but both he and Angel were very familiar with the hyper vampire’s tendency to go overboard.

Angel smiled at his two lovers as he watched Xander unconsciously bask in Spike’s attentiveness. The younger vampire was reluctant to vocalize his feelings about both the relationship and his two partners. Angel had spent many hours reassuring Xander that Spike did indeed care for him. It had finally sunk through the various layers of insecurities and the teen now understood that Spike’s actions spoke louder then any words could have.

And, with the moment of sappiness behind them, Spike’s current actions were screaming ‘I am going to annoy my Sire’. The blonde strode over to a shelf brimming with stuffed animals and plucked something from amongst the pastel bunnies.

“Ohhh Poof, I want this!”

Angel grimaced at the unfortunate looking toy. “What is it?”

“I think it’s a lamb. . . maybe. . . kinda. . .” Xander scrunched his face in confusion.

“It’s utterly morbid, is what it is!” Spike said happily showing off his find. “Check out it’s eyes. The bloody thing looks like it’s dead!” The vampire was telling the truth. Regardless of the poor stuffed animal’s position, it’s large, round, plastic eyes continuously rolled back into it’s plush head.

“It reminds me of a zombie movie I saw once.” Xander grabbed the toy and thrust it toward’s Angel’s head. “Braaainssss. Brrraaaaaaaainssss.”

Spike snorted. “You’ll stay hungry looking there.”

Angel frowned and swatted at the Easter themed abomination. “Spike, shut up. Besides, it doesn’t even look like a real zombie.”

The teenager pouted and handed the lamb back to Spike, who reverently placed it into his shopping cart.

Xander began to bounce slightly as he got into the spirit of the endeavor. “What should we get first?” He looked around and brown eyes widened as the boy realized just how much chocolate surrounded him. “Um, just how happy of an Easter do you guys want me to have.”

“Try to avoid insulin shock.” Angel recommended.

“Un kay.” The teen had already stopped listening, and was absorbed by the Siren call of confectionery rabbits.

Spike sidled up to his Sire and gave the older man a worried look. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen that particular glaze in his eyes before.”

“It’s okay.” Angel gave the blonde a reassuring pat on the shoulder. “I’ve seen it before.”


“At the Chocolate Lovers Festival Sunnydale mall had last year.”

Spike snickered. “Blood hell. I love the boy, but I’m glad I missed out on that.”

Angel nodded. “You should be. It took me and Buffy combined to forcefully drag him away from the truffle table.”

“I wasn’t that bad.” Xander said, coming to stand before the two older men.

Angel smiled and gently tousled the boy’s dark hair. “Of course not. You were the very picture of decorum.”

“Bite me Deadboy.”

“Anytime.” Angel’s mouth twisted into a sexy grin and watched as it was reciprocated on Xander’s face.

“*Ahem*.” Spike struggled to keep his amusement in check. “Do you think you two could perhaps refrain from humping each other until we get back home?”

Xander’s grin faded. “You’re right. It would just be fundelmentally wrong to have sex in a Walmart.”

Spike once again commandeered the cart. “Then hurry up and get your candy so we can go home and bugger each other senseless.” The younger vampire let out a happy little sigh. “Sex and chocolate, I think I like this holiday.”


The End