A Hard Day’s Night
Summary: AU.  In the not too distant future Tim helps Dick
relax after a hard day with the BPD.
Notes: This is for Random. Happy belated birthday.
<g> And, thanks go to Charles for the beta.


It had been a horrible day.

There had been muggings, shootings, assaults, rapes, attempted rapes, drug busts, and that was just during the day shift.

Dick Grayson leaned his head against the tiles in his shower and let out a bone weary sigh. He had just shucked off one uniform, but in less then an hour he would put on another. Nightwing was needed in Bludhaven now more than ever.

Dick could never understand why the beginning of the year seemed to bring out the crazies in droves. It was just a sad fact of life, but one he could do something about... if he could just bring himself to get out of the shower.

Usually, such thoughts energized the young crimefighter, but now, with hot water sluicing over
tired muscles, and the firm, yet somehow comforting tile under his forehead, the only thing Dick really felt inclined to do was to let his eyelids...
slowly... drift... shut.

For a while Dick simply drifted in a wonderful, hazy, dreamy, limbo state. The only disruptions were cooling water, and the rather annoying sounds of someone close by snoring.

Then, suddenly, there was a shocked exclamation right outside his showery cocoon.

"Hey, Sleeping Beauty, who do you think you are, Tempest?!"

Dick grumbled as the water was turned off, and two strong hands grabbed his shoulders. "G'way. Comfy."

"Um, yeah, I'm sure you're *real* comfy, but I'd bet you'd be even comfier sleeping lying down in your nice, soft, non-tiled bed."

"Mmmmmm. Bed." Dick's dreamy look was quickly replaced by a frown. "No. Can't. Have to get ready to goooorrrooowwwwwww." Dick's mouth opened an impressive amount as a massive yawn came out of it.

"Right. Goorrow. Uh huh. I'm thinking no."

Dick shook his head trying to clear the cobwebs, hair and water droplets flying every which way. "Have to. Have to make sure people know I'm out thereeeeeerraaarrar."

"Yeah, and if things get slow you can just catch forty winks in a nice, quiet dumpster."


"Try, nope."

"But, then who-"

"I'll go out by myself tonight."

*That* woke Dick up. "Like Hell!" He rubbed his eyes and glared at the bemused young man in front of him. "There is no way on Earth that you are going out in Bludhaven by yourself, Tim, is that clear?"

Tim Drake smirked. In the beginning of their relationship, Dick's penchant for overprotectiveness
was often a point of contention. However, after a few months, the younger man had learned to see the real affection that prompted such an annoying habit. "Crystal. So, if Robin can't go out by himself, and there's no chance in any of the levels of hell that Nightwing's going out tonight, might I suggest an alternative?"

"Why did you just sound like Alfred?" Dick scowled and crossed his arms over his chest. Usually such a look from the former protégé of The Batman would seem 'intimidating', but naked and dripping wet, Dick could only hover between 'sexy' and 'adorable'. "Just what exactly do you have up your short, green sleeves, Boy Wonder?"

Tim sighed. "Okay, don't get mad," Dick snorted. "But, when you came in, looking like crap, I might add, I decided to make a few calls."


"To find somebody to sub for Nightwing for the night."

Dick's scowl went up a few notches. "You invited someone to come in and take over in *my* city?!"

"*Your* city?" Tim rolled his eyes. "Wow, the guano sure doesn't fall far from The-"

"Tim, I swear to God, I love you, but if you finish that sentence..."

The younger man ignored the implied threat. He grabbed a towel and began to gently dry off his fuming lover. "Dick, face it, you're wiped. This job's hard enough when you're firing on all cylinders. You go out there tonight, and... There are too many things that could go wrong, too many risks that I'm not prepared to let you take in your present state."

Now it was Dick's turn to roll his eyes.

"Besides," Tim went on. "Winter break's gonna be over in a few days, and between your job and my
applications, we've barely had any time to make good, sweaty, moan-filled memories." The teen grinned salaciously.

"Have you decided on a college yet?"

"Don't try to change the subject." The towel in Tim's hands was going progressively lower and lower.

Dick threw up his hands in surrender, the stubborn head on top of his neck finally conceding to the even more obstinate head between his legs. "Okay, okay, okay. You win, we'll stay here and have sex while someone else cleans up my town." He paused for a moment. "Uh, who exactly did you get, anyway?"

Tim almost reverently dried first one well-muscled thigh, then the other. "Dinah and Babs. Oh, damn." He dropped the towel and straightened. "Bab's still waiting for a definite answer." He caught the chagrinned look on Dick's face and grinned. "Don't worry, I'm gonna finish what I started."

Dick couldn't help but smile as the younger man delved in for a quick kiss. "Mmmmm. You'd better."

"Go on into the bedroom and get ready. I'll be in in a minute." Tim headed back into the living room, ignoring Dick's grousing about being abandoned for a redhead.

"Hey, Boy Wonder. What's the word?" Oracle's face smiled up at him from Dick's computer monitor.

"We're good to go, Babs. Thanks again."

“Glad to help.” Barbara’s face split into a cheshire grin. “Have *fun* you two. And, I expect full
details when you get back to Gotham.”

Tim blew a raspberry at the screen, and turned off the computer. The young man rubbed his hands together in a fit of anticipatory glee. Not more than fifteen feet away one of the most gorgeous creatures on the planet was waiting for him. Once again Tim sent a quick thank you to every deity he could think of for being invited to share Dick Grayson’s bed.

The teen slowly made his way towards the bedroom, expectation growing with each step. He paused in the door frame, and simply drank in the sight before him. Dick was beautiful. Exquisite. Perfection carved from flesh.

He was also very much asleep.

“Well, crap.”


Dick finally emerged from the bedroom shortly after Tim had started his twenty-second consecutive game of computer solitaire.

“Hey.” Somehow the man managed to make both sleepy and sheepish look sexy.

Tim switched off the computer. “Feel better?”

“Yeah. I, uh... thanks.”

“For letting you sleep?”

Dick sprawled gracefully onto the couch. “For taking care of me.”

Tim smiled. “My reasons are purely selfish.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah.” The teen’s blue eyes sparkled with mirth. “Attractive gay crimefighters who were trained by Batman are kind of hard to come by. I’d like to hold on to the one I have.”

“Should have known you were only after me for my pedigree.”

“Is that what they’re calling it these days?”

Dick snorted. “Didn’t you mention something about making hot, sweaty memories?”


“Then shut up, and get over here.” Dick patted his lap.

“Do you have any idea how sexy you are when you try to act all forceful?”

“Oh, yeah. Supervillians tell me that all the time.”

Tim’s sexy saunter to his soulmate came to an abrupt halt. “Wow, did I really not need the mental images that conjured up.”

“Should I ask?”


“Ewwww.” Dick’s face scrunched up. “You’re one sick puppy, Drake.”

“Yeah, but I’m your sick puppy.” Tim grinned and pounced on his reclining lover. Dick placed his hands on either side of Tim’s slender waist as the teen happily settled himself. Tim’s face held a beatific expression as he wrapped his arms around Dick’s neck and began to rock his hips. While Tim placed light, teasing kisses around Dick’s mouth, the older man’s hands rose from Tim’s waist to his shoulder blades.

“C’mere.” Dick growled as he pulled the young body flush with his own. Tim let out a soft moan as he found himself pressed tight against his lover from pelvis to chest. He rotated his hips, grounding his burgeoning erection into Dick’s responding hardness.

While one hand stayed firm in the middle of Tim’s back, Dick’s other hand reached up to tangle in the teen’s soft black hair. With a gentle tug he tilted his head to the side and began to feast on the
delicate skin of Tim’s throat.

Tim let out a low guttural sound as he felt a diligent sucking at a pulse point on his neck. “Oh, yeah... love that...” His hips began to move erratically as little jolts of electricity seemed to travel from his throat directly to his cock.

“Know you do.” Dick mumbled against the silky flesh. He laved one last lick on the tenderly abused skin. “You want to fuck out here or in the bedroom?”

Tim snickered. “So romantic...”

“You want romance?” Dick raised an eyebrow and grinned wickedly. “Okay.”

“Wait, what... aaahhh! Put me down!” Between fits of laughter, Tim squirmed ineffectually in Dick’s arms.

With one arm under Tim’s knees and the other supporting his back, Dick ignored the halfhearted
objections and just tightened his hold. He carried his prize into the bedroom where he deposited the
wriggling boy in the middle of the unmade bed.

Face flushed with humor and arousal Tim watched avidly as his lover quickly divested himself of his boxers. “You’re prefect.” he murmured.

Dick couldn’t help but blush a little under the heavy appreciation of Tim’s stare. “I think that should be my line.” He said reaching forward to tug off Tim’s tee shirt.

“Mmmm.” Tim began to rub his nipples as he lifted his hips allowing Dick to pull off his sweatpants. “Do you ever think about what we look like?”

“Huh?” Dick tore his eyes away from the teen’s hardened penis. “Look like what?”

Tim sat up and ran a gentle hand across his lover’s cheek. “When we’re like this, when we’re making love. When you’re inside me. Do you ever think how we must look?”

“Fuuuck.” Dick didn’t know if it was Tim’s words, or the earnest look in his clear blue eyes, or the sudden parade of interesting visuals that passed through his head, but Dick was inordinately proud of himself that he managed to not come that very moment.

Tim grinned, extremely please about the effect his musings had had on the older man. If just a few words had made that kind of impact, Tim wondered what would happened if he suggested they incorporate one of the Batcams into their playtime. Suddenly, the room seemed to spin and the teen found himself laying flat on his stomach. There was a rough growl by his ear as strong hands tugged his hips upwards. “So much for foreplaaahhh!”

Tim's fingers dug into the sheets as he felt his lover's agile, wicked tongue gently lap at the entrance to his body. Instinctively his legs moved further apart, and his ass tilted upwards trying to
allow Dick better access.

Over. Over. Around. In. In a bit more. Over again. Dick grinned at the needy whimper that came
out of his partner's mouth. They both liked to tease, each in their own way.

"Please... more..." Tim panted, bucking back.

"Hush." Dick rubbed a soothing hand over Tim's lower back. "Let me take care of you, Timmy, you know I will." His dark head lowered once more, his tongue reaching out to tease the clenching ring of muscle that guarded Tim's body.

"Oh God!" Tim buried his face in the sheets.

Dick chuckled and slightly changed his plan of attack. He licked a slow teasing trail over the silky skin behind Tim's balls before gently nuzzling the lightly fuzzed sack.

By now the only thing that was coming out of Tim's mouth were incoherent whimpers, and the odd,
disjointed phrase of lust and need.

The grin that stretched across Dick's face was almost feral. "Turn over, baby."

Tim scrambled to comply. His eyes shone brightly as he settled his trembling body into a comfortable position. While Dick was rooting through the nightstand to find the lube, Tim put a hand under each knee and brought his legs up to his chest, opening himself up for the older man.

Dick turned his attention back to the bed and he took a moment to make sure the image that greeted him was burned into his mind forever. His fingers gently, reverently touched a trembling thigh. "You look so good."

"Look better... if you were in me. Now."

Dick had to laugh at the challenging glint in the younger man's eyes. Muttering something about putting up with pushy bottoms, Dick quickly slicked his fingers and went back to work on Tim's hole.

"Just two." Tim demanded, his head clearing now that a bit of discomfort was curbing the pleasure.

Dick snorted but did as he was asked. He knew that while Tim enjoyed being prepared by fingers, he
preferred being actually stretched by a cock. And, in this instance, though Dick might occasionally grouse, it was all about Tim.

Tim's feelings on being invited into Dick's bed were nothing compared to Dick's feelings on being invited into his young friend's body.

Sensing the teenager's growing impatience, and deciding that Tim's passage seemed slippery enough, Dick coated his erection and quickly got into position. He guided his cock to Tim's hole and began to push. There was some resistance at first, there always was, but then something in Tim's body seemed to just give, and Dick was granted access into the molten heat of the younger man.

Tim grimaced through a short moment of discomfort before his body once again adjusted to having Dick's cock inside him. A smile graced his face and he let out a happy sigh as the sharp pull in his backside was replaced by a contented feeling of fullness.

Dick stared down at Tim, a myriad of emotions present in his dark blue eyes. Occasionally his feelings for the young man underneath him threatened to overwhelm in their simple intensity.

Tim’s legs wrapped around Dick’s waist while his hands found purchase on his lover’s broad shoulders. “Mmmm. You can move, you know?”

“Yeah. I know.” Dick knew that now was not the time for contemplation. He slowly pulled out of Tim, enjoying the gasp that accompanied the almost possessive clenching of muscles around his cock. The trip back in was just as steady. Various muscles tensed and flexed as the two men began to fuck.

It was leisurely at first with long languid strokes that built in speed and tempo until Dick was pounding into his lover and both men were dazed by desire and need.

To avoid suspicion of Dick’s usual nighttime activities the vigilante's apartment had been
soundproofed, so Tim had no reservations about voicing his approval of the thorough reaming he was receiving. Although, in his current state, Tim’s vocal appreciation merely consisted of grunts punctuated by the words ‘harder’, and ‘faster’.

Dick finished first. He came buried balls deep in the tight heat of Tim’s ass. Even as his cock was still pulsing, Dick reached between their bodies and grasped Tim’s erection. With a few firm strokes the younger man came just as Dick slipped out of him.

For a long moment Tim was paralyzed. He couldn’t speak, couldn’t move, and all he could see were thousands of tiny stars exploding behind his eyelids. Then his orgasm subsided.

“Holy crap.”

”Uh huh.” Dick collapsed next to the teen.

“That was...”

“Uh huh.”

“After sleep... we’re doing... that again.”

“Uh huh.”


Feeling relaxed, refreshed, and pleasantly sore, Tim awoke the next morning to the glorious smells of strong coffee and frying bacon. His stomach and bladder fought a brief battle on which would be his first stop of the morning.

After visiting the bathroom, Tim allowed his nose to lead him into the kitchen. Dick was already sitting at the table with a paper in his hands and a plate in front of him. He looked up and gave his lover a dazzling smile.


“Morning.” Tim echoed before meeting Dick’s lips in a thorough kiss that left both men more then a little breathless.

Tim knew he had a goofy grin on his face but he just couldn’t seem to care. “So,” he walked over to the counter and began to pile bacon and toast onto a plate. “When does your shift start?”

“I’m not going in today.”

Tim coughed as a bit of breakfast went down the wrong pipe. “What do you mean?”

Dick shrugged. “I called in a favor, got my schedule switched.”

“But, I thought-”

“You were right. I pushed myself too hard. If I had gone out last night I would have been more of a
problem than a solution.”

Tim leaned back against the counter. “So, you’re taking a day off?”

“I’m taking a day off. But, tonight...”

“Nightwing flies.”

“And Robin too. If you’re interested.”

“You should know by know that I’m always interested.” Tim leered.

“Gee, for some reason I don’t think I’m going to be getting a lot of rest today.”

“You mind?”

“Not at all.”