Animal Magnetism
Summary: A sparring session gets out of hand.
Warnings: Bestiality. Kinda. Sorta. Well, more like Beast Boy-ality
Notes: Plot (er, what plot?) taken from the Random DC Porn Generator
Be afraid. Be very afraid.


This wasn't supposed to happen.

This really wasn't supposed to happen.

It was all Tim's fault.

He had told Gar to keep changing, to try and keep him off balance. It'll sharpen his reflex skills, he had said. Gar wasn't sure how you could sharpen something that had already been honed to near perfection, but the older Titan hadn't argued. He figured it would be fun, and hopefully he wouldn't end up with too many bruises after the session was over.

From lion to lemur, moose to muskrat, Gar kept changing, fast and furious, barely giving Tim time to breathe, let alone retaliate against the flashing claws, fangs, and hooves. When the needle sharp teeth of a smirking fox sunk into Tim's forearm, Gar realized that he might have gone a bit far.

He felt his form shift back to human. "Whoa. Dude. Sorry about that. Kinda got carried away."

Tim looked from the dripping scarlet punctures on his arm to the apologetic green eyes of the man in front of him. "Did I say we were finished?"

"Uh..." Gar gulped. In an instant a tiny green fly had taken his place. Ever mindful of being small enough to squish, Gar buzzed up to land on the wall of the training room, ten feet above Tim's head. He watched as a hundred Tims cocked their heads to the side, then reached up and unfastened the shiny gold R on their tunics. "Crap."

A second later, and with a large displacement of air, a Tyrannosaurus crouched in the suddenly too small space. "Now, let's not be hasty, Batboy."

Tim grinned, dropped the R, and dove behind Beast Boy's tail.

Surprised, Gar tried to rise up, only to slam his head into the reinforced steel ceiling. "Ow!" He had no idea where Robin had gone, and knowing his hide would be as good as stapled to the Batcave wall if the kid got smooshed, he transformed again. Which turned out to have been a good move since a very irate Capuchin landed square in Robin's lap.

Gar felt a hand grab the scruff of his neck. "Now, we're finished." Tim smirked.

Gar wanted nothing more than to wipe that arrogant look off of Timís face. And, he succeeded fairly well when the young boy wonder suddenly found himself with a fistful of Timberwolf fur.

"Uh oh."

Gar growled. He lunged at Robin, knocking the teen onto his back.

Robin struggled for a moment, but with over 130 pounds of lupine muscle pinning him to the ground, he had to admit defeat. "Okay, you win."

The wolf's green eyes gazed down at the supine teenager.

"I mean it. Honestly. I give." Tim stared up at his uncharacteristically quiet teammate. "Uncle. Really."

Gar growled again, and a shiver ran up Tim's spine as he gazed at the long, sharp teeth, and powerful jaws that hovered just inches from his face. "Beast Boy?"

Transfixed, Tim watched as a small line of drool made it's way down from Gar's snout. With narrowed eyes, and a scrunched up face, he turned his head just in time to feel a splash of wet hit his ear. He started to loudly voice his disgust when he felt something a lot more disturbing than a little spittle. Gar's muzzle was at his throat, his teeth just barely grazing over Tim's skin, and there was... something... else...

Tim's wide eyes slid downwards. For all his training, all his preparations, he had no words, or actions for this kind of scenario. Dick had certainly never mentioned anything like this.

Either Gar had become more malicious as he had grown older, and this was nothing more than a very disturbing prank, or the longtime Titan had become incredibly unhinged. Regardless of the reason, this sort of behavior had to be stopped.

Tim turned his, ignoring the wetness on his neck and jaw. The wolf pulled it's head back and growled at the subtle show of defiance. Tim managed to catch Beast Boy's eye, and hoping there was at least some spark of humanity left somewhere in the older hero, he said, "Batman would kill you."

The wolf jerked back and let out a high pitched whine, which turned into a plaintive cry of "Holy shit!" In an instant, the distressed wolf had been replaced with an equally distressed mosquito that haphazardly made itís way to one of the roomís air vents.

Robin watched the green speck disappear from view. He picked himself up from the floor and sighed. It was a fair bet that he wouldnít be seeing the older Titan for the rest of the weekend, if ever again, but avoidance was definitely not the way to handle this, especially if Tim and Gar were to function on a team together.

No, Tim knew they had to hash this out. But, first he really needed to change his costume.

Tim Drake and/or Gar Logan a story where wrestling/sparring/fighting leads to sex