Summary:  Ollie's a horndog.  Tim's a sexy little freak who likes older men.  What do you think happens?


There was wrong, and there was Wrong, and there was WRONG! Capitol letters, bold type, underlined, go straight to hell, do not collect $200.

Ollie knew without a doubt, his current activity fell into the latter category.

He was kissing the shit out of Robin. And it was all Batman's fault.


They had bonded, Robin and he, in commiseration over what an unmitigated ass Bruce was, is, and ever shall be. As the GCPD hauled away the battered and bruised gang members Green Arrow had been tracking since Star City, the old guard and the new, crouched on a Gotham rooftop and swapped 'Isn't the Bat a bastard' stories.

Not having had much exposure to this Robin in the past, Ollie quickly found himself warming to him.  Like the Bat, he was a pretty scary dude, but unlike the Bat, Robin's darkness was offset by a killer wit, and an occasionally wicked tongue. Of course, if Ollie had had any idea of just how truly wicked that tongue could be, especially when applied to certain
parts of his anatomy, he would have probably hauled ass back to his side of the continent.

But, then he wouldn't have this sweet, sinful, succulent little sidekick writhing around in his lap.

It had seemed innocent. Their conversation had evolved into shop talk, and Robin had invited Ollie back to his place to see some of their latest developments in non-lethal kick ass tech. Everyone knew the Batclan had all the coolest toys, how could he pass it up?


Robin's hands paused above Ollie's crotch. "Do you need to disarm anything?"


"On your costume? Do you need to turn off any defenses."

Many varied responses flew through Ollie's head, and most were of the tacky and tasteless variety (well, I do have a weapon, and it's loaded), but in the end he just settled for, "God, you lot are creepy."

Robin grinned, and in that instant he looked like an unholy cross between Batman and Nightwing.

The kid lowered his head, and... Yep. Ollie was going straight to hell. But the ride there was sure going to be fun.