Summary:  A little something for Te


It was definitely the devil on his shoulder that made Tim wait until Clark had a mouthful of coffee before dropping his bombshell.

“Bruce knows.”

Yes, it was wickedly amusing to watch the world’s most powerful being do a spit take.

Tim calmly pulled some napkins out of the dispenser and began sopping up the mess on the table.

Ever the farmboy, the tip of Clark’s ears turned red at the spectacle he’d made. Then the rest of his face followed suit. “What do you mean?”

“We both knew we wouldn’t be able to keep this from him indefinitely.”

Clark leaned back in his booth and rubbed a hand over his face. “Yes, but I was hoping we might have a few more months.”

Tim looked sharply at the older man. “This changes nothing, Clark.”



“Except that it does, and you know it.”

“Not for me.” Tim rubbed a pattern in the condensation on his water glass. “Not after what we’ve already been through.” Tim smiled grimly. “I broke up your marriage, Conner still won’t speak to me, and your mother routinely refers to me as ‘that little home wrecker’.”

“You really shouldn’t listen in on other people’s phone conversations.” Clark admonished.

Tim shrugged.

Clark sighed and reached across the table, his fingers barely touching Tim’s wrist. “Conner will come around. And, once Ma actually meets you, she’ll fall head over heels.” He smiled. “Like I did.”

Tim rolled his eyes, but couldn’t stop the flush that spread over his cheeks.

“And, as for Bruce, well, either of us run into any problems with him, we’ll deal with it together. Okay?”


“Good. And, by the way, I will get you back for the coffee thing.”

Tim grinned. “Okay.”