Summary:  For [info]pleasance


"You... No!"

Tim blushed. "Shut up."

"Oh, my God!"

"Conner, shut it."

"Holy crap on a stick!"

"Dammit!" Tim glanced around and hunched in on himself. "People are staring."

Kon rolled his eyes. It was true, they were the center of attention in the food court... for about half a minute. "Chill, Paranoid Wonder. Nobody cares."

Tim furtively looked around, and when he was satisfied no one was looking back, he sat up and straightened his shoulders. "Fine. Iím going to ask that you please not draw unneeded attention to ourselves. For my mental health."

"What's left of it."

Tim scowled.

"Great. Now, you're pouting."

"I do not pout."

"Dude, you pout. Just drink your... whatever the hell that is."

"Cafe Americano."

"Looks like sludge."

"Finish mainlining your sugar fix so we can get the hell out of here."

Kon took a giant slurp of his Frappuccino. "You know, if you didn't want to come with me to the mall, you could have just said so."

"I did!"

"Now who's drawing unneeded attention to himself?"  Kon snickered as Tim once more hunched down into his seat.


"Low blow, Timmy. You know my parents couldn't have gotten married." Kon blinked as his drink was suddenly swiped from his hand. "What the-"

"That was wrong on so many different levels. No more sugar for you."

"Fine." Kon smirked and in a move only slightly faster than a normal human, he stole Tim's drink. He should have known something was off by the fact that Tim let him get away with it, but it wasn't until the unbelievably bitter taste hit his tongue that he released his mistake. He promptly spewed the hellish liquid back to the depths from which it came.  "Jesus... that was... urk!"

Tim glared at him. "Did you just spit into my cup?"

Kon flicked his eyes from the cup to his friend's face. "Uh... no?"

Tim narrowed his eyes, pulled Conner's straw from his frap, and tongued it obscenely before shoving it back in the cup, and pushing it towards it's original owner.

"Oh, like I'd want it after it's swarming with  Batcooties." Conner's chair let out an ungodly screech as he pushed back from the table. "That's it. We're going back to the Tower."

"Thank God." Tim dumped both drinks into the nearest trash can. He started to head for the exit. A second later Kon had fallen into step beside him. Out of the corner of Tim's eye he could see the wicked grin that appeared on his friend's face, and he knew what was coming next.

"So, you used to play Dungeons and Dragons, huh?"

"Shut up."