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Harry Potter   
In the Dark - Why did Oliver take so long in the showers after the match with Hufflepuff?  (adult)  Oliver/Sirius
Enlightenment -
Itís Seventh year, and Harry feels the need to vent.  (adult)  Harry/Snape
Experimentation - Remus drabble (teen)

All I Ever Wanted - Kon 'convinces' Tim to take a vacation (teen)
Animal Magnetism - A sparring session gets out of hand  (adult)  Robin/Beastboy
A Hard Day's Night - AU An older Tim helps Dick relax after a hard day with the BPD (adult)
Comforts - Set after Nightwing 93. Clark tries to help the best way he knows how. adult Clark/Dick
Cupid Kills - After his conversation with Grace, Roy did some thinking, and that's never a good thing. (adult) Dick/Roy
Drabble 1 - Tim meets a new 'friend' (teen) Tim/Giles
Drabble 2 - Dick/Tim remix (teen)
Drabble 3 - Ollie's a horndog. Tim's a sexy little freak who likes older men. What do you think happens? (adult)
Drabble 4 - A little something for Te (teen) Clark/Tim
Drabble 5 - Tim and Kon in the food court. No, really. (teen)
Not the Best Idea - Dating, sidekick style (teen) Tim/Kon
The Not So Young Anymore & the Restless - AU spun off from 'Sins of Youth' storyline (teen)
When Greenery Attacks - Timís virtue is put to the test. (adult) Tim/Clark

Sin City
It's What's For Dinner - Thereís always a period of adjustment when starting a new family. Sin City/Texas Chainsaw Massacre III x-over (adult)

While You Were Out
Sunshine - Evan and Jason wrap up day one  (teen)

Shiver Me Timbers - When dress up goes wrong (adult) Vigorli
Love in a Broken Elevator - Written for anglicandoorway. Vero_27 requested: Humour+PWP, elevator + electric failure Summary: What happens when fate--or a couple of inept electricians--strand two very different people in an elevator? (adult) Vigorli
Creature Feature - AU. There are stranger things in heaven and earth... and Orlandoís determined to find at least one of them. (adult) Vigorli

Angel the Series / Buffy the Vampire Slayer
A Strange Attraction - After an accident with the Troll hammer, two scoobies get together  (adult)  Xander/Graham
Everyone Falls Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 - The evolution of a relationship on the Hellmouth (adult) Xander/Graham
A Job Well Done - Graham takes a new job in the fight against evil (teen) Xander/Graham
Deviations - What if Buffy had stayed in Cleveland, Cordelia's wish was never broken, and the Initiative had to clean up a very different kind of Sunnyhell? (adult) Xander/Graham
Baser Instincts - A new and improved Xander sets his sights on someone slightly familiar. (adult) - Xander/Graham
Mmm Mmm Good - Xander gives Graham a sweet surprise (adult)
Moist and Delicious - Xander introduces Graham to his love of... snacks. (adult)
Subterfuge - Xander gets captured by someone (adult) Xander/Graham
Love's Bitches - Spike and Xander bond over a bottle of Jack Daniels. (adult)
Holidays on the Hellmouth - Holidays on the Hellmouth (adult) Xander/Angel/Graham
Games We Play - Bondage, kinks, twisted thinking = fun! (adult) Xander/Spike, Angel/Xander/Spike
Zombie Lambs and Chocolate Bunnies - Angel, Spike, and Xander go shopping, silly Easter themed fluff. (teen)
Silver Southern Moon - While on their road trip, Angel and Xander encounter some strange happenings in the North Carolina town of Missing Mile (adult)
A Dream is a Wish Your Demon Makes - Angel has lost his soul, Buffy is a woman scorned, guess who shows up? (adult) Xander/Angel
Angels & Devils - Xander and Deadboy (adult)
The Adventures of Deadboy and Xander - Roadtrip! (adult)
BoogieMan - Angelís dirty little secret is exposed! (teen) Xander/Angel
Killing Buffy - Bitchy, er Buffy, finally gets what she deserves. . . but, whoís exactly responsible? (adult) Xander/Angel
Holidays - Christmas and Valentines with Xander and Angel (adult)
More Holidays - Christmas and New Years with Xander and Angel (adult)
Unexpected - A prophecy comes true. A reward is collected. (adult) Xander/Angel
Mind, Soul & Zen - Angel/Xander/Doyle-the series (adult)
Thank God for Morphine - Gunnís watching over Wesley (teen)
Indiscretions - In the summer before basic training, Riley has an encounter with a law student. (adult) Riley/Lindsey
Hostile Encounters - Agent Miller finally has a meeting with Hostile Seventeen (adult) Graham/Spike
Decisions - Xander. Riley. Lindsey. Three vignettes. (adult) Xander/Spike, Riley/Graham, Lindsey/Angel

Las Vegas
Drabble - The morning after (adult) Danny/Mike

Mutant X
4:19 - Itís late at night, and Jesse does some thinking (adult) Brennan/Jesse
The Word That Shall Not Be Named - Brennan lets something slip (adult) Brennan/Jesse

Power Rangers
Drabble - Billy. Jason. (adult)

Sticks and Stones are For the Verbally Inept - Chloe is snarky! Lex is snarkier! Lanaís a ditz! Itís just like the show, but without the pesky plot to encumber flirting. By Saone & Random (teen)