Summary:  Drabble.  Oz/Remus
Notes:  For Charles


“Are you sure you want to do this?”

Remus glanced at the younger man. “Yes, of course.”

Oz arched a ginger colored eyebrow.

“I’m sure.”

The other eyebrow joined it’s mate in it’s climb towards Oz’s hairline.

“I am!”

The second eyebrow dropped down once more.

Remus rolled his eyes. “Oh, for… this is going to be tame compared to some of the things I did back in school, you know?”


“Just because I wear cardigans, and sensible shoes, doesn’t mean that I’m not-“

“Desperately trying to recapture your youth?”

If looks could kill, Oz would have been nothing more than a decorative hanging on Remus’ wall. “No.” He ground out, his voice low and deadly. “Sirius is trying desperately to recapture his youth. I am just… experimenting.”

“Ah. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?”

“Would you get started already?”

Oz grinned as he slipped on a pair of vinyl gloves. “Just try to relax.”


“Yes, dear.” Oz put his hands on Lupin’s shoulders, and lightly brushed his lips against the larger man’s cheek. It wasn’t really an apology. It didn’t have to be. “Have you decided which one you want?”

“I think… ‘Enchanted Forest’.”

Oz nodded approvingly and picked up the chosen bottle of hair color.



“You’re absolutely sure this will be gone after the next transformation?”