Summary:  For J_Crew_Guy.  A Billy/Jason - Power Rangers


It seemed odd, but Billy had never given much thought to sex. He knew about it, in an abstract kind of way, but there was never any time to dwell on it. There was always something else, some new experiment, or monster, to occupy his time.

When Jason asked for his help with a particularly tricky class assignment, Billy didn't think twice about providing assistance. When Jason squeezed his knee after being guided through a rough equation, Billy thought it was an unusual gesture of appreciation between two teenaged males, but he didn't really mind it. When Jason's hand slid up his leg to rest warm and heavy against his thigh, Billy felt his I.Q. drop. When Jason kissed him and rubbed his other hand against his crotch, Billy's brain imploded.

It seems odd, but Billy still doesn't give much thought to sex... except when he's around Jason.