Summary:  Evan and Jason wrap up day one
Notes:  For Charles


Jason lifted his arms over his head and stretched, grunting in satisfaction as his back popped. It was the end of day one, and, as usual, his work was no where near being completed. He decided he would get to the tent early the next morning, before certain… distractions arrived.

Speak of the devil, he thought as Jason sensed a familiar presence enter his domain.

Evan grinned at the exasperated carpenter. “Don’t mind me. I just wanted to-“

“It’ll fit.”

Evan blinked. He pulled the tape measure out of the front pocket of his jeans. “There’s no harm in checking again.”

Jason snorted and started putting away his tools, as Evan checked the dimensions of the entertainment center.

The brunette hummed slightly as he finished his examination. “Everything looks good.”

Jason shot him a look which clearly said ‘Told you so’.

“Riiight.” Evan shifted a bit. “Um, Jason?”

Jason barely bit back an irritated sigh. “Yeah?”

“Are we okay?”


“Ever since we started on this new batch of shows, you’ve been… kind of distant… towards me.”

Damn. Jason scrubbed a hand through his hair, and tried desperately to ignore the kicked puppy look on Evan’s face. “I’m sorry if you got that impression. I’ve just had a lot to do, and-“

“I get in the way.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“You didn’t have to.” Evan smiled. “It’s okay. I know I can be a little… over exuberant at times. I’ll try to tone it down a bit.”

“No!” Both men were shocked by Jason’s outburst. “Don’t do that. Definitely not on my account.”

Evan looked doubtful.

“Hey, you’re who people tune into see every week. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?”

The brunette smiled devilishly. “I thought people tuned in every week for the amazing forty eight hour makeovers?”

The men looked at each other for a moment, then they both started laughing.

Jason was suddenly struck with a memory of their time in Texas, and how one homeowner, much to Evan’s chagrin, had taken to calling him ‘Sunshine’. The nickname definitely fit, and Jason found himself basking in the happy glow emanating from the younger man. He made a quick decision. He would take a chance, stick his neck out. And, if worse came to worse, well, there were a lot of home improvement shows on the air.

“Do you want to get something to eat?”

Evan wiped a stray tear from his eye. “Good idea. I heard Ali say something about going to-“

“No, I meant just you and me.”

“Oh.” Evan studied Jason for a moment, then a large, warm grin broke out over his face. “Okay. Yeah.”

Jason grinned back. Sunshine, indeed.