Summary: Xander gets captured by someone
Date: May 11, 2000


Xander gasped as he was roughly spun towards the wall, his hands instinctively flying out to halt his momentum into the faded wood paneling. His feet were kicked apart and the teenager felt a large, strong body press against his back.

"Where are they?"  The voice was low, and soft, but packed with enough menace to make the boy shudder.

"I'm not telling you anything."  Xander winced as the soldier's hands tightened around his biceps with almost bruising force.

"We'll see."  Warm breath danced against the boy s cheek.  "You know, this is only going to be as difficult as you make it. Give me the location of the traitor, and this is all over."

"Fuck off."  Xander hissed at the suggestion.

Graham chuckled slightly, and the teen trembled at the malevolent noise.  "Good. I was *so* hoping you'd opt for the hard way."

Xander found himself spun again. This time his back hit the wall, and before he could protest his lips were captured in a punishing kiss. Graham's tongue swept into the boy's mouth, dominating the warm, wet cavern.

Xander trembled as demanding hands harshly groped his body. He whimpered, helpless against both the assault, and the arousal it was producing. Suddenly his mouth was released, and stunned brown eyes met sinister blue.

Graham pressed his erection against the younger man's hip. "Last chance for a polite resolution. Give up your friends and you'll still be able to sit tomorrow."  He recognized the defiance emanating from the younger man's eyes, and smirked.  "You know, it's gonna be fun breaking you."

Xander swallowed hard at the image that produced, but he remained quiet, unwilling to surrender his friends.

Graham glanced over Xander's body.  "Take off your clothes."  The teen gave the older man a defiant look and blue eyes narrowed dangerously.  " Either you take them off, or I cut them off. Of course, my hand's been kind of shaky lately. . . I'd hate to accidentally skin you while I'm at it."

Not thrilled with the alternative, Xander gritted his teeth and began to strip. His cheeks flamed under the older man's intense gaze, however, not all of Xander's blood headed for his face.

Graham nodded appreciatively as the teen's semi hard cock was bared.  "Not bad."  He brushed his hand down Xander's exposed chest. His voice somewhat deepened with his next words.  "Get on the bed. Hands and knees."

Xander did as he was told, his eyes unconsciously lowering in submission. Behind him, over the thunder of his heartbeat, the boy heard clothes being shed. There was a tiny click, then he felt the mattress sag, as another body joined him on the bed.

Xander willed himself to relax as a finger, slick with something, pressed it's way into his body. Not entirely unpleasant sensations traveled through the teen as the digit began to explore and stretch the tight passage. Xander moaned as the one finger was joined by another, both loosening the muscle, probing within his body, manipulating the boy's most hidden region.

Without realizing it Xander started moving, fucking himself on the soldier's hand. Sweet tendrils of pleasure worked their way through his young body, radiating from the delicious friction inside his ass. Suddenly the back of his thigh was sharply smacked and the teen had to bite his lip to keep from crying out.

"Be still."

Xander obeyed, though not without some difficulty. He trembled from the stress of not following his body's basic want. The lack of movement was excruciating. Xander opened his mouth, but before he could deliver a plea for relief, Graham removed his fingers. The teen tensed, as he heard the unmistakable sound of foil tearing. It was only a matter of moments before. . .

Xander let out a small whimper as the older man's erection pushed it?s way into his body. Graham began to move inside the boy, his strokes long and forceful. There was nothing gentle, or sweet about this invasion. The teen was ridden hard, his entire being caught in the momentum of the driving cock.

The soldier had long since given up any pretense of an interrogation, and now the only things escaping from his mouth were an occasional unintelligible grunt of pleasure. The body beneath him was so hot, the channel he was plunging into so tight, that any and all cognitive thoughts were swiftly banished. The wanton mewls escaping from Xander's mouth fueled his already formidable desire, and any training dropped by the wayside as Graham Miller transformed into a creature of pure carnal need.

Springs squeaked in protest as the bodies on the bed moved faster. Sweat sheened muscles quivered and strained, but their complaints were lost in the absolute haze of unrestrained lust that enfolded the men. Just as Xander was about to beg for some kind of contact to his throbbing erection, a hand reached around his hip and firmly stroked the rigid flesh.

The teen threw back his head and let out an almost tortured cry as an orgasm ripped through his body. The intense sensation actually brought tears to his eyes, and made his inner muscles clench spasmodically.

The pulsing pressures were too much for Graham. He let his head drop to Xander's back as he came, his low moan of satisfaction muffled by the boy's skin. For a glorious moment they stayed that way - joined together indelibly - until their bodies could no longer take the strain of their position.

Graham delicately pulled out of the younger man who immediately collapsed onto the mattress. A moment later Xander sighed happily as he was gathered into strong arms and moved to lay against a firm chest.

The teen collected his strength, and pulled away only far enough to give his bedmate an inquisitive look.  "Well?"

A large smile blossomed over Graham's face as he tightened his hold on the younger man.  "You were right. Role playing is fun."

Xander grinned and shared a gentle kiss with his lover.  "Told ya."


the end